Writer Angela Quarles was photographed at her home in Mobile, Ala., Monday, December 3, 2012.
Your geek girl Angela Quarles

The geek behind Geek Girl Author Services is author Angela Quarles. She’s had a varied career, but the only one that you likely care about is that she spent over ten years in the web design business in Atlanta. She code jockeyed mainly in regular HTML as well as ColdFusion making database-driven websites for local and national companies, but also to a lesser degree in classic ASP, JavaScript, and PHP. The lack of conformance to specs we’re seeing right now between the different e-readers reminds her fondly (not!) of the early browser wars between Internet Explorer and Netscape (remember them?).

What this means for you is several things:

  1. She knows HTML and CSS, and all an e-book is is a zipped up HTML file.
  2. She’s used to ferreting out and keeping track of which codes work where.
  3. She has the work-flow skills and discipline from those days to apply to your project