There are many details we need to stay on top of as authors, but we run out of time. Don’t have time to read your manuscript one more time to find “teaser quotes”? Need a nice promotional “one sheet” to give to bookstore owners? I can help…

Teaser quote read

Sometimes we’ve read a manuscript too many times to be able to judge any longer what would make a good teaser quote to entice the reader in the teaser images you make. Or you just don’t have the time to do another read. I’ll read it with the focus you want me to look for, i.e. catchy prose or hot hero, etc.

Teaser quote read: $.001/word
Teaser quote read as add-on to Goof Check Final Pass: $.0005/word

One Sheet

Bookstore owners like to have all the information they need on one page that you can leave with them. If you provide me with the contents (blurb, 1-2 choice professional review quotes, cover, short bio, and book data) I’ll lay it out attractively and professionally into a PDF you can print.

One sheet layout: $25